About the Early College Academy

The LVUSD Early College Academy was established in 2018 and provides students with access to a wide breadth of college coursework as high school students.  The four year high school program is specifically designed with introductory college topics during the first year, moving to discipline specific classes starting the second year.  The program culminates in a graduation celebration for the cohort.  Throughout the four years, students receive comprehensive, consistent student support as well as opportunities to connect with other cohort members at social events. 


In the Fall of 2019, the program will expand to Middle School in Grades 6-8. A cohort of students will be identified in Grade 7, and will stay together for six years as they move through the Early College Academy program. The Middle School program will include Field Trips, and the use of the Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) curriculum. This curriculum focusses on developing Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading skills necessary for students to be successful in their high school college coursework. 


Students will have the opportunity to complete enough units to enter college with sophomore standing, completing the majority of either the CSU and/or UC General Education requirements.  Furthermore, with approximately 30 additional degree-specific units at Moorpark College, students can earn an A.A., A.S., or AD-T within one year of graduating high school, as well as apply for transfer as an upper division student.   The cost savings to students is significant, given the yearly tuition at a CSU is $5,742 and at a UC is $12,630. 

For More Information, Contact Your School's ECA Lead: CLICK HERE